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   Member of

                                                                   The Ki No Kenkyukai Association Internationale

                                                                                        British Ki Society

                                                                                      British Aikido Board

( South Wales )

Anything you can perceive and believe can be achieved.

The Word AIKIDO is made up of AI - Harmony, KI - the spirit and DO - the way. The KI spirit in Japanese is in the individual and is regarded as the guiding force of the universe. Aikido was developed as an aid to personal advancement and  teaches the understanding and development of KI to promote relaxation and overall perception within and outside the body, that will hopefully flow into everyday life and not only in Aikido practice.

Toitsudo, the way of Unity, is a method specialising in the development of the unification of mind and body. Through Toitsudo we learn to understand human nature in its unity, developing it to its true capacity. This approach develops the correct use of perception and relaxation in daily life.

 Kenkodo, the way of health, is practiced to enhance the health of an Individual. Specifically the disciplines studied are seizaho (method for perception), kokyoho (breathing method), kenko taiso (Health Exercise) ,teateho (method of placing hand),and sotaiho (method for perceiving a partner's body)

 The art of Aikido provides us with an opportunity to test our understanding immediately by posing physical questions.
 The fact that it’s also great fun and helps to improve or maintain physical fitness and suppleness is a welcome bonus.



The chief instructor and Doshu of The Ki No Kenkyukai International Association is                         
KENJIRO  YOSHIGASAKI  who regularly holds courses in the UK for
The British Ki Society.







Rob Hughes holds the rank of Sandan ( 3rd. Dan ) in Aikido and Ki rank of Okuden
within the Ki No Kenkyukai International Association.

He is a certified level 1 B.A.B coach and has a current first aid certificate.

He holds a Public Indemnity certificate issued by the British Aikido Board.

His study began in 1990 when 39 yrs. old.


Aikido is a Japanese martial art which strives to create situations where attack cannot happen,
 or, if it is already happening, will cease quickly, hopefully without any harm coming to any person.
 It not only develops the body but also the mind. National and international seminars are
held throughout the year .
 We offer training for children, parents and grandparents alike, in a friendly atmosphere and mixed classes of age,
 and gender.
New starters and spectators are always welcome. 
All ranks or grades are registered and recognised internationally. Sensei Rob says, " The longer I study, the more it seems to me to be simply about understanding ourselves and human relationships".


  Training is of a co-operative, rather than antagonistic nature, teaching a regard for the safety of  partners. 
  Beginners start by learning Ki principles and basic techniques of Aikido with mind and body unified. As the student’s ability
  improves the techniques become more demanding and energetic.

  For higher grades, weapon training in Bokken (sword), Jo (staff) and Tanto (knife) are used to improve both precision and
  economy of movement.

  For further information, come to a training session and ask for details. If you decide to join us on the mat you will need to be 
  insured by the British Aikido Board, and join The British Ki Society. At present we charge 30.00 annually to  arrange this,
  before you start practice.  All you need to start is jogging bottoms and a loose top.


  Private Tuition 

 Call Rob Hughes to arrange private classes of up to four students. Fees are as follows:-

                      1 Student/s  18.00  per hour.

                      2      //           10.00          //

                      3     //             8.00          //

                      4     //             7.00          //

 General class fees are 3 per hour.


Some History 

 MORIHEI UYESHIBA  "O Sensei" 1883 -1969  Founder of AIKIDO Hombu dojo Japan

KOICHI TOHEI 10th Dan 1920 - 2011              Founder of:

 Koichi Tohei trained directly under O Sensei from 1943 and was CHIEF INSTRUCTOR at the  Hombu dojo Japan for several years. Tohei Sensei was the only student of Ueshiba to be promoted to 10th. Dan before his death. In 1971 he founded the Ki Society International to build upon the principles of Ki described by O Sensei.  Koichi Tohei left the Hombu dojo on 1st May 1974 to form SHIN SHIN TOITSU AIKIDO (Aikido with mind and body unified) and the
KI NO KENKYUKAI  (Ki research Society).


Yoshigaskai sensei is the founder of the KI No Kenkyukai Association International. Born in 1951 in Kagoshima, Japan. he started to practice yoga when he was 10 and later began the practice of Aikido directly from Tohei sensei. He devoted a year to the study of yoga in India. Since 1977 he has been teaching Ki and Aikido throughout Europe, South America and South Africa

Training Venues and Times


Y Miwni - The Muni, Gelliwastad Road, Pontypridd CF37 2DP:   Children’s class 6.30 – 7.30 p.m.   Adult class 7.30 – 9.00 pm



Y Miwni - The Muni    Adult class 6.30 – 8.30 p.m. 

General class fees are 3 per hour.

Personal tuition by arrangement. Email  or call the number below.              

Please check that times and venues are correct by using this number 01443 790579


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