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Jenny was born 12th.Febuary 1949. Her body stopped working

9th. April 2002 …………………….so she left.

When we were told that Jenny had only a little time left to live we decided to  have a party.

We called it Jen’s Sing. Friends and family paid to come and £800 was raised for Felindre Hospital. Jenny said, “If I’m still around next year, we’ll do it again. And, if I’m not, you do it anyway.” We did……….with mAbAtAd, Semantics, Michelle Newman, Carlos, Mad Dog and Englishman, Ianto Fullpelt Band and Lear. Jen’s Sing 2 raised £879 This brought the total donated in Jen's memory is £2477.54 We've been doing it ever since. Try and make it to the next JenSing party.

Total raised so far = £12,007

Diolch yn fawr - Thank you very much!


Listen to 'Time to Heal'

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JenSing 7

Tom's, Treforest on Saturday November 10th. starting at 7.00pm


The Hustle  The Watermelons   mAbAtAd   and  Milano

raised £350


JenSing 6.5


was held on Sunday 6th May 2007 at

The Wheatsheaf, Llantrisant starting at 1 pm

The acts who entertained were:

 Rua, mAbAtAd, Roadhouse, Morgan the Organ,

theguythatgetsthegirl, Glam Morgan, The Hyde, The Hustle, Mick Davies

and Order of Chaos. Thanks to you all and our hosts Tammy and Gwyn

Total raised was £780  Diolch yn fawr pawb


JenSing 6 - Saturday 18th November 2006


thanks to Claire, Siwan, Janet, Peter, Dewi


Order of Chaos    Morgan's Organs   Hugh 'Neil Diamond' Edwards

mAbAtAd  The Hustle 

Many thanks to all these musicians, who gave of their talents free an' for nuffink!

Thanks to YOU for being there and, if you weren't,

 come along to 6.5 on 6th of the 5th to find out what it's all about!



JenSing 5 point 5 - Sunday April 30th. Wheatsheaf, Llantrisant


thanks to Claire, Ange, Julie, Katie, Gwyn and Tammy


Order of Chaos    Glam Morgan    Painted by Numbers    Spoon'ead    Bluprint

Mike & Dylan Morgan    The (semi!)Semantics    Rua    mAbAtAd

The Hustle    The Rosie Walters(less!) Band    Roadhouse



JenSing 5 - Saturday November 12th. at Tom's Bar, Treforest


thanks to

Glam Morgan   Order of Chaos   Mike Morgan  

Blueprint        mAdAtAd       Roadhouse 


JenSing Four and a Half - Sunday May 29th. Wheatsheaf, Llantrisant


Stu Michel   Order of Chaos   Glam Morgan   Blues Charger   Jinx

The Pilot Lights   Mike Morgan   Carlos   Neil Garland   Rua   Tom C'at   49 Giraffes

£438.24 far


Jen's Sing 4 - Saturday November 30th. Tom's Bar, Treforest, Pontypridd

with  mAbAtAd    Siwan   Mick Davies   Strangers of a Kind    Roadhouse 

Ianto Fullpelt   Morgan & Baker (Solicitors)     Carlos



Jen's Sing Three and a Half - Sunday May 30th. Wheatsheaf, Llantrisant

You raised £725

.....helped by   mAbAtAd  Semantics   The Egg & Bacon Boys 

Mike Morgan's Music Machine  Mad Dog & Englishman

Jeopardy Lane  Rua




The Semantics

Andy Coleman on acoustic and Greg Baker playing bass. Occasionally, their numbers are augmented to form a Failed Voice Choir. Got the night off to a noisy, singalong start.

While Greg stayed to play bass with three other acts, Andy had to go straight to another gig. There's commitment for you.                                                                                 01443  688308


mAbAtAd         harmony vocals and acoustic guitars.

Definitely Jenny’s favourite musicians, playing their own songs and some covers, they were significantly improved by being joined by Joanne, singing a new song, ‘Dwed Ffarwel’ and ‘Aberrhonddu’ as well.                            01443 790579





 Michelle Newman

     Used to work with Jenny at Loafers. Sang at Jen’s Sing 1 & 2. 

    Going for her hat trick. Small lady, huge voice….

     Was lead singer with Thunder  Heart

     You WILL dance!

     01443  402805 



                                                                                    Mad Dog & Englishman                 

         Aka Mick Davies and Neil Garland. Just as happy to do

     the acoustic guitar / harmonica thing with harmony

     vocals as the distorted Neil Young in SU YU, which was

     what we were treated to on the night.

   Knickers were ripped off, torn in two and stuffed in   

   earholes.                       01443 791226

 The Poor Boys                               Came out of  retirement for Jenny’s 5oth. birthday.  She loved to dance to their music. They became good friends. Stath couldn't make it , so Greg was pressed into service once again on the bass. They don't do this  so often now, which a great pity, coz they can still put smiles on faces and feet on the dance floor big time.


         Jeopardy Lane



Agreed to play immediately they heard we were raising money for Felindre. Stepped in with only three days notice to replace The Fever. These guys were busting to play all night and had to wait to go on last. Worth the wait.... Great band.......made a lot of friends.                  

Diolch yn fawr pob un. raised £1407.72




Jen's Sing 2 - 30th. November 2002

Diolch yn fawr to all the musicians:-

mAbAtAd        Semantics        Michelle Newman     Ianto Fullpelt

Carlos     Mad Dog & Englishman

and   YOU for your support.

The amount raised was