JenSing 11

Saturday 22nd. of October 2016

The District Club, Pontypridd CF37 2DP


Tell us you're coming here, so we know how many sharks to throw on the BBQ




The first artiste to be revealed is Huw Chidgey, he of the most marvellously mellifluous

voice and precision picking and a long time supporter of JenSing.

Huw Chidgey  

What' the Use of Wings       Sir Patrick Spens


Veterans of JenSing are

Order of Chaos

or OOC as they like to be known


Classic rock covers....unless I can persuade them to dig out some of their superb originals.




Ianto Fullpelt

At least two, who knows how many more? Finger picked heartache, like JenSing's theme song


Time to Heal or Welsh Blues How Blue was my Valley





Back again to support another JenSing....will Andrew get his red special out?

Indie rock from some all round jolly good chaps.





.......will be playing a solo set....maybe some

Weller, Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis...

Check out this acoustic vid.




Ned Spoonless Clamp

...that's because Patty Spoons is away....proper folkie who has been making me laugh for a long time...

Have a butcher's




Mike Morgan (Big M, little organ)

Makes them, plays them and sings like an angle.......grinder.....

(only a joke Butt)


Remembering Dad


Every Day I Get the Blues



Total raised so far is 12,007

JenSing is not only about raising money. The first JenSing was a party. I hope they remain events when we can all remember those we have lost and have a good time.

'Time to Heal' is obviously a very personal song but it's subject is universal. 


If you want to be a musician, raffle ticket tout or door bucket shaker at a JenSing event, get in touch

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